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About Me
I’m an eternal optimist who believes in happy endings and in the magic of music.
Growing up in London meant easy access to many live music venues and being exposed to different kinds of music all helped to lead me to where I am today, making a living from my passion.
Musically, my guilty pleasure (although not much of a secret) is that I am a huge fan of Rock Legend, Alice Cooper, and have an extensive music and memorabilia collection that reaches anorak proportions. Alongside this my love of early soul and funk has led to my love of House music, not forgetting my total appreciation of a well-crafted slice of pop.
I really enjoy being exposed to new music and working with people to bring the magic of music to each and every event where I perform.
My Story
My story goes back to a time when music was far from being as accessible as it is today, when you would hunt and travel to get that US Import that wouldn’t be available in the UK for another month or so, when the guy with the record collection was the go to guy when you were having a party. Having built a large and varied music collection, and with a growing number of requests to help out at friend’s house parties, I bought my first DJ console at 17, and with a friend found that it was a gateway to many house parties and a lot of fun, the chance to introduce new music to party goers mixed with classic tracks was a total blast. Over a period of a couple of years, a spark was lit that never really left me. The experience of playing music and seeing the immediate effect of the track selection on an audience was, and is, something very special.
I put down DJing whilst I built a career in sales in the rag trade, working with branded sports and fashion companies, selling to retail, also getting married and having a family along the way, but my love of music and collecting it carried on through.
Fast forward to the mid nineties where the changing landscape of the High Street and independent retailers forced a career change to a brief but valuable move to the newly evolving area of Software Testing that unfortunately didn’t work out I found myself out of work for the first time in my life, I did what anyone would……..retail therapy! I went out and bought myself a whole heap of DJ kit with the thought that it was time to stop being a wage slave and have a go at making a living out of my love of music. Back then there seemed to be a total lack of understanding that to provide a really good DJ service, it would be a good idea to find out what the client wanted, I figured that my love of music combined with a passion for customer service and delivery was worth a try, and I’ve never looked back.
My DJ Style
My DJ Style leans heavily on track selection, picking the right track for the right moment, especially when it comes to Weddings and other “mixed age” events, that said, there is no doubt that beat matching and mixing can help keep the dancefloor through good transition tracks that take you seamlessly from one genre to another. I am always guided by client’s requests, knowing how music can be intrinsically tied to memories and different times in our lives, what I try to do is create a unique soundtrack for each event.
Whilst I have my own favourite genres, artists and tracks, I am not precious or pretentious about music, I am equally happy playing a night of cheese, as I am a dance or guitar based set. If it works for the audience, then it works. I get my buzz from other people getting their buzz on the dancefloor.
I love working closely with each client, essentially working with them to bring to life their dream and vision for their event. My ideal client is someone who feels the musical content is a key part of their day, or someone that wants something more than average.
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