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About Me
I love Music, Who doesn’t? Ive loved music ever since I was little from dancing to rock music my dad was listening too, to going to see status quo with my poppa when I was little. I can remember listening on big bulky headphones when I stayed at my grandparents house before going to bed. Music makes us sad, happy and we can even remember the past when a certain song plays! If im not DJing im playing drums to music or im humming a song my son maybe glued to or I go to bed with a song stuck in my head!. Music is just great.
My Story
At first DJing was something I need thought off, when I was at school I wanted to be a web designer, but I still loved music. Just before I finished school I changed direction and decided to be a music teacher, I went on to college. This is where I first touched a set of decks, the first time I learned the history of the Disc Jockey. From then on I new I wanted to DJ. I completed uni getting my degree in music, and with the money I got from student finance I brought my first set up. I started of doing my mums 40th party, from then on ive never looked back. Now a full time DJ focusing on mainly weddings I meet with couples and help plan there most special day of there lives through music. Ive met some fantastic DJ’s along the way which help me to grow every single day and push me even further. I love doing what I do and I couldn’t do it without my colleagues and all the happy couples ive had the pleasure of working with.
My DJ Style
I used to do loads of birthday parties so it was always 80’s, party songs and chart music, when at home I used to focus on new club mixes that would be coming out. I love anything with a good beat! Now im used to playing as massive variety at weddings I always tell my couples its music they want not what I like. The particular music I love to play would be rock, bands like status quo, muse, acdc, guns and roses to name a few. I love mixing Indie music with a packed dance floor. But I do love my cheese, yep I said it you cant go wrong with a bit of cheese or though not everyones cup of tea my guilty pleasure would be The grease megamix I suppose thats what happens when you grow up surrounded by girls. Im quite particular when im mixing, I will always mix in genre order . I also love mixing the classic dance anthems as I like to call old skool club, anthems such as dreamer, show me love, love generation. It seems to always go down well. Ive had some great couples choose some great music, sometimes this results in a new playlist for my car and become my top tunes to play. I like to include as many guests requests as I can as long as its fits in with what the bride and groom have asked for. Il always judge the dance floor sometimes it does go wrong, we are human after all but the skill is to bring it straight back. I will always keep mic usage to a minimum unless requested by the bride and groom, music is the key so nothing should get in the way of this. Il make announcements when needed and I always try and do this at the right time. Keeping all guests dancing is what I love. A full dance floor is a happy ben and the music always flows so much better.
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